Sleepy, Sleepless or Snoring?

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For some, the search for a good night's sleep can be elusive.

Restful sleep is something we take for granted - until the quality of our sleep starts to affect us and those around us. Snoring, interrupted breathing, restlessness, insomnia, unusual sleep-related experiences and excessive sleepiness are all issues that a sleep disorders physician can assess and treat. If you’re not getting the sleep you need, speak to your doctor and call the Geelong Sleep Disorders Centre on 1300 246 100

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The Geelong Sleep Disorders Centre offers world-class sleep disorders medicine assessment and treatment, with the convenience of a local clinic and sleep studies. Read more...

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A comprehensive assessment of sleep complaints, general health, psychological and social factors. To organise a consultation, click here...

Sleep Studies

Overnight assessment of sleep quality, breathing, oxygen levels and muscle activity, performed in hospital or at home. Read more...

Sleep is a complex process and, when it goes wrong, there can be multiple causes
— Dr John Swieca, Medical Director, Geelong Sleep Disorders Centre

Sleep Disorders

The staff at the Geelong Sleep Disorders Centre are recognised experts in the full range of sleep disorders. To learn more about these conditions, click here.

Sleep Psychology

Assessment of sleep-related symptoms, with use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia and to aid in acclimatisation to CPAP treatment. Read more...

CPAP Therapy

Training in CPAP familiarisation, with mask fitting and troubleshooting techniques.